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'and then, a harrowing' Audio Tour


Listen to an audio tour of Linda Stupart, Carl Gent, and Kelechi Anucha's exhibition 'and then, a harrowing' at Wysing. The tour features a described walkthrough of the exhibition given by Linda Stupart and Carl Gent, and explores some of the research and process that went into the making of the show and the artists' residencies at Wysing over 2020/2021.

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A harrow breaks up the surface of the earth or the skin, an agitation of soil that has been left dormant too long where the harrow can excavate whatever ghosts, traditions, memories, viruses, melodies and gestures have been buried. The gallery reverts to barn; the barn disintegrates back to soil.

Installed across Wysing’s grounds, gallery and Amphis building, the exhibition includes recent film, sculptural, and video work by Gent and Stupart and sound work by Anucha and Gent.

This is an audio described tour ofLinda's Stewpark, Cargan and Caliche and each of exhibition and then a harrowing thatWising Arts Center. The exhibition begins in whising reception, which is a wheelchairaccessible viewing space for the Workshin and Amphis and the tractor and horror. Nextto a reception is a large, bright space with two wols of windows lettingin like from outside. On the far wall is a monitor alongside three largephotographic prints. One of these printers a monster in a river with snow coveredbanks, one shows a blurry object in grass and one it's a purple tintedimage of tall light plants in a field. On the Monitor for films play ona loop. The first shows a monster walking through a river, thesecond shows Carl Gent making large trees from a gelatinous paste and the dark.The third shows spiced, grainy footage from the Arctic Circle and the last filmshows glittery pink text taken from the lyrics for to be a pilgrim and arecaptain cradle hands. Now we'll move into the tour from Colin Linder, whichbegins in whisings gallery. Cankay open in the door with open the door tothe main gallery. There is she just walk along it. Yeah, okay. So there's like normal going hun creating the floor, and then there issome carpeting, a various colors from previous exhibitions that's like been sort of ona they don't talk of each other. There's like the carrot. The corewas quite narrow to gimmy and as soon as you walk in you're surrounded eitherside. So I kind of bulging fractured, undulous shapes which made of lots ofdifferent things. It's like some sacking. There's twigs, there's rough white paintedwavy structure which kind of comes out the wall. There's pink plastic that'sall creased and crumpled. It a bit muddy. There's belts, there's leather, there's lots of torn fabric, some of which is dyed like some pinksand some features bearing colors, lots different colors and some and sometimes these areleaking onto the floor as well. Yeah, so now you're like the top ofthe car door. I mean, should we do like a big everything? That's so quick, everything so like. So you can kind of see mostof the show from this point. Once you once you kind of enterthe gallery, you can see a lot of the show. So I guesslet's do a quick description of it. The whole vibe, color vibe.So all of the walls are have elements that car was describing a second ago, the like Bulgy undulating stuff, so bits of pink and green plastic.They're like wavy white wall stuff. Hessie in there's lots of like weird horsestuff, bits of bridals and that builk of thing. Then in the middleof the room, hanging from the ceiling, which is quite high, there isa big long kind of like rope that has lots of rags tied toit. I guess, a bit like if you'd imagine tying a lot ofdrags to something to escape somewhere or like. That's one of the things. Iguess. It's a bit like, HMM, and it's embedded in concreteon the floor. Yeah, so that after not not much like a twoor three meters after we're we're standing. Now let's see three Linder pieces,three Linder stupid places. The carpet gives way to concrete, which it's quitea crisp line where the concrete starts and the rope sculpture hanging from the ceilingthat Linda just described goes directly in.

It's setting in the concrete and lotsof bits as a show a set in the concrete. They're kind of comingout of the ground, yeah, or heading into I guess, coming outof the ground. And where else can you see? There's a big oldtower that's like a little bit. It's try only kind of like a niceBerg shape. It's also been like a giant horse's head. Oh yeah,it is. Actually, I didn't know. Right, Yay, stoked. Okay, so it's that it's some really clad in the stuff of the walls, say, rug sticks, horse stuff, lots of Baling Twine, a lotof which is also pink or orange. So there's like a weird past orbuybe actually, yeah, that hustles hands everywhere. Oh yeah, there'ssome bound hands, is like some gloves and ended on all this this amount. Yeah, stuff with Lund spreadful snails. Yeah, and there's some kind ofspots of red around as well. Then you could also see, ohyeah, that's a lot of stuff. So there's a massive print on theback core, yeah, which is a kind of quite grainy billboard sized printof a sunset. Yeah, yeah, that we took that. I thinkI too took it last summer with melander and Camachum residency here. Yeah,it's it was taken using one hundred and ten film and it's got a lotof kind of chemicals lodgers on it. They've been blown up. So billboards, HMM. And it's so kind of indigo, a dark blue and pinkycolor, Philip, we're not quite getting any sensitive it being but it's verychaotic. But it's not that calm. MMM. There's a lot of likeripped things and jagged things and torn things. Yeah, yeah, and then there'reof as, certainly so the concrete the gallery between my hair and thebillboard. Oh yeah, it's the floor is concrete and there's various bits andbobs coming out of floor, screens and sculptures and stuff. That's that's theget. And there's other board scale and and smaller prints or along the wallas well. Yeah, and so in the carpeted section, you want totalk about your tables, in the cartoon section there's a sculpture slash video andit's a kind of really kind of basic glass coffee table with a flat screenmonitor on a stand stood on the coffee table. There's either the other remotecontrol is even visible. That's the the on the glass. On the underside of the glass there's a drawing in colored chalk pen lots of different colors. is quite a kind of cryptic drawing thos, lots of arrows and kindof Dodecahedron type symbol things and cloud shapes. What it actually is is a kindof rendition of the transmission cycle of foot and mouth disease that I drew. On the other side of the table, on the surface of the table there'salso a few kind of bundles of Straw Hay, even bundles of Haythat were that I made it were kind of soaked in disinfectant water and rolledup and I tried to turn them into balls the size of hazel nuts.I guess heads and nuts very inside a little bit, but hopefully these areaccurate. And then on the screen there's kind of video documentation of me doingthat drawing and balling those those Hazel lots...

...up. The performance happened outside atwising in the kind of field. So the footage there's a lot of kindof quite close up footage of my hands drawing while I'm underneath the table androlling the Hay in the disinfectant water. There's the weather was quite windy andin quite light bright when we did it, so there's a nice as the videoprogresses, there's like bits of reflection, reflected trees and stuff in the glasstable. There's also three words that happen at different points in the film, just like small subtitles, one of which is uncoating. The Second Wordis translation and the third word is Hazel Nut, but spelt funny as spelth a selh NU double tea. Yeah, that's that video. Oh, andkind of a make in. The gallery is lit from above, sothey kind of colored drawing on the glass. It's a little hard to see againstthe kind of because the back the carpet in the background is quite vigrant, but then the spotlight kind of projects the drawing onto the onto the carpetreally, if in quite effective shadow. Okay, cool. Yeah. Also, if you're a horse person, the round, yeah, bits of hey. They look like boluses, which is like when horses eat hey because theydon't have any enzymes in their SURALIVA, they have to like push it aroundtheir mouth. Maybe cames of like that too, and it forms a ball. It's called a bonus. And so like what if you have a reallyold horse or horse with like tooth problems? You see these little round balls aroundthe stable because they can't choose them. Probably in their dropped the MAUTH.So this is I mean that it's like, you know, I decidedto this haze, not size thing, because I was looking at we mainlyshe. We're doing our version of the song head so full of breezes.We were thinking of Julian of Norwich, the anchor I quite a lot,and she writ in revelations of Divine Love. She wrote this amazing passage about thisvision she had of Christ or God and saw something the size of aHazel nut and asked what is this and he responded it is all that.There is something like that. So it was that's the reason of these kindof has, not those things. I was just talking about it with Lindaand then it was like, oh, it's just like a Bolus. Soagain just pure divine synchronicity and rigger in our show, which, yeah,will happen again in this audio at all. Yeah. Well, I mean there'smore prints slot of things that one is like a also, I meanall of the images are quite groening because they're all taken on quite like lowfi analog technologies of varying kinds. And that is a disposable camera photograph oflike see with a Red Sun, taken in the High Arctic, in theArctic Circle, with disposable camera. Yeah, and what else? Then there's somelittle prince. There's another sunset or one tem print that's similar to theone that we described earlier, bit bit smaller and Bluer. There is amonster on a horse. That is me, and then some night really ominous lookingtrees that are also from mising. They may be from all over,from the swimmers swimming, yeah, but they may be from something Huntington,the largest meadow in Europe. Yeah, so we are told. Then projecting. Oh yeah, although you only get that when you Morgan. So that'strue. That's confusingly. Yeah, okay, so on your left there's two boxTV's that are sunking to the concrete. On one of them is a videoof taken on a VHS camera.

So it has that kind of estheticof being also quite grainy and it is just a quite judder close up ona kind of quite on someone's a white person's hand, that WHO's wearing likeglitterally nail Polish and holding a rifle, and there's like snow in the background. And then on the other one is the same monster that I mentioned ona horse earlier. There is also me, so kind of wearing a lot ofthe stuff that we just then became cladding. So like rags and somewhat else is in that costume? Bits of rags? Oh yeah, likequite a bit of laminated things and kind of flowers and stuff. So thatcharacter walking through riverts or of a coal and Birmingham and the that video partof it is shot in kind of high summer, so there's lots of likeBright Greens and sort of nettles of a big and then the other bit isshot in winter, so there's snow in the background of the river. Whilewe're here. There's one moment of the clad so good, which is bestpart of the show. A law small yellow laminated label tied to the wallwith pink what's cooled thing? EATWINE, burning TWAS wine and it says inthe institutional font that wising use. It says, please return all all theunderlined keys to receptional departure. Thank you. Wating our center and on the backthere's like a bit of more masking tape. I guess that has gallerywritten on it and but was cannibalized into the walls. Yes, quite muchmore late it. It's called boiling twine because you tie bales of Hay withit. So if you look at the Hay bills that are in there,they're trying the same string. God, yeah, hectic. Okay, soby the tower, now that we talked about the kind of like horsehead icebergtower, I should say how big it is. Actually it's about two metershigh. It's well and so as it comes out with the wall it shrinksin height. So it's a wall that's probably about three meters, tank threeor three or four met three meters and as at its shortest especially. Yeah, so I'm standing at the short bit and there is a screen embedded init which is portrait orientation and on that is a video of that. Itwas sharp using a like an iphone that was attached to a piece of stringaround me or like a chain, and it's basically that point of view ofjumping off of a boat or see in the Arctic Circle. So there's likelove float the ice things and then some sort in stumming around. There's abit of like basically just my vagina. But I didn't shoot our own purpose. That's why I had two kids. A back story, because, yeah, it's like all right and lightly but it's quite cool and there's a bitpissing in the scene. Yeah, and there if you were to walk abit for at the Bum Flum buttm you'd set off for suns that. Turningaround the sixteen minute one of the sixteen millimeters projections. The projectors sitting ona plinth that's like concreted. Yes, so the plinth looks like it ismade of the same material as the floor. So it's like it's a weird pillarthat's risen out the floor. Yeah, it's great. I didn't make it, as made by Jack and work drap technicians. So there's a sixtymillions projector on there. It is projecting on to the wall that were facingnow, which would be the first wall as you coming on your left,and the projection is the Me River Rag...

Mounster. It's black and white andit is a few scenes of me kind of calling along in this river.They're quite sort of horror movie type scenes, I'm quite dark and strange. Andthen also footage of me going up to and sitting on a horse,a gray are quite dirty horse. Yeah, okay, some of the footages fromon the board. No, that's this one's from actually has. Someof it is from the water, some of it's from underwater. You right, this one is all about daughter. Okay, your turn on. Mycigarettes are still on Flinda's cigarettes. Linda doesn't smoke, apparently, but someof Linda's cigarette as we're facing the Entente Garry still this side of the toweris open. It's more exposed, so you can kind of get inside forthe tower. Then there's three Hay bales arranged into some casual seating that Lindais currently taking advantageob and why inside the tower you can't see it unless you'resitting on the Hay Bales. Really there's a painting, and oil painting,I presume, of six seven people, most of whom a female with them, I guess. Yeah, and they're like carrying wheat, some kind ofgrain. It's an agriculture scene at the end of the day, and thepainting kind of tucked behind part of the tower, which is large kind ofpipe like steel, alumnium on something I don't know. And this painting,we did not paint. It was I had to move studio a couple weeksago and Linda helped me and as we're moving out, this painting has beenhung in my studio for a very long time and it seems to kind ofclick with things of the show. So we took it. We didn't stealit. It was there. It's community. It's just there. The grass isno one's taken it for years because no one wants it. And thenon the ground in front of where Linsa set on the Hay bales, there'sa kind of blob coming out with a concrete of beige material. It's dorbwhich is kind of a mixture of lime, putty and Animal Shit, kind ofMINURE, like cow and horse, and it's got pink and like kindof hot pink and quite strange green wig fibers kind of bursting out of itoccasionally. On top of on top of this kind of Blob, which iskind of square shape. It's kind of like a cube, like a suncon cube. There's a water fountain, like a Small Little Water Fountain whichhas had some things cut off. There some holes in it, so it'sornamental. There's like kind of green. They're not quite lily pads, butthey look a bit like that. And there's a kind of stalky tower thingin Brown's definitely suppose to look like nature, but I'm not entirely sure what Iwould actually look like that. But there's been something's chopped off. Soyou kind of see inside the kind of machinery of the fountain a bit andit's trickling some water and landing on for Colored Lights, kind of fading themout a little bit. Yeah, that's the kind. It's the chill outsown. Yeah, sure, that's outs happen. Yeah, and then Okatakthese. Then there are two more bucks TV's. One of them is sunkinto the concrete. The other is placed on top of that one, solike a little tower of box TVs. On the top one is the monster, river monster walking underneath the bridge.

There's quite lot graffiti on the bridge. It's the same riverse bit off the river coal. On the bottom oneis a video that it has like some infrared footage, so it's got thiskind of orange and red. It's got like a cross hairs at one pointand it has aerial footage of the same bridge from above and it's a policevideo that the Midlands police released to show off about how they arrested a bunchof kids who had a rape under the said bridge. So that's those twofilms and you can see the river, yeah, go of a cold quitenicely in the bottom one. And then, Oh yeah, there's a big PRINTESSand wheat. There's two bigger at. Well, there's a very big printof us a wheat or corn or buy grain. So grain, there'sgrain. It's considering our interest in like farming. Yeah, I feel likeI can tell the difference in wheat and B if the other one. Okay, it's a big or grain. There's a really big kind of billboard sideprint of that and on the one side of the print is a kind ofquite strong black line. That that is from the film. And then there'sa smaller, kind of quite similar print that's a little bit different, thathas a kind of greenish side and a brownish side, but is also picturingthat like if you were to draw wheat, you would draw it all. Yeah, yeah, it's like focus and kind of that nostalgic. Yeah,things you got that fuzziness is such a spider webs. Oh, yeah,true, because so these pictures and the horse picture will take in their wising, were they? Yeah, and then there's like another much smaller print oftwo horses and effects in the field, and that's they live uposite rising.Yeah, and then another small one that is like from a parlor wild ofriver monster in the Color River with some trash hanging around. It has alike big big foot five to it. My turn again. Okay, yeah, yeah, so then there's another sixty minutement to project that are a theplint smells a bit like Stockholm twer, which no one will know what itsmells like, but it's a horse thing they put. Okay, so it'sStockholm. So like this pitch, because it's pitch, is what it's couldin. But it's Swedish. I'd get it from Sweden, while I actuallygot it from Sheffield, but the Sheffield guy gets it from Sweden or Darby, I think it was Darby I work from, but he gets it fromSweden. So I think it's still very much interesting, like trad yeah,tire use over there. So I love the smell of Stockholm tarp. It'sa thing that he's on the bottom of horses feet to stop them from gettingthrush, trusting so like, and it's quite yeah, that's basically because inif you stand in a muddy field for ages, yeah, your soft teethgets thrush and it's really gross. See Paint on their feet and that's thesmell. I love the smell. Yeah, yeah, there's plint painted with that. There's on top of that plant the breeze, brolock. This ismore like plinth magic from t of our technicians who felt a lot of theshow. And then there's another sixty minument to projector sitting on that. Itis projecting on the opposite wall another film of me as a river monster andthe horse and name Scarlett. She's like gray with spots, and this isfilm from underwater. So it has it kind of looks a bit like ifyou ever watch soap operates from the S or thought about those. It hasthat kind of dream feel to it,... it's a dream sequence. Sothat's that film and it's just me walking up to scarlet, the Horse,cool and your center face. Yeah, centerpiece is a misnomer. So atthis kind of point in the garrier kind of nearly far into the gallery andthe floor has gotten rougher. It's it's really marbly screened concrete. God Nowit's like there's deep lines, it's dusty but it's still concrete. And thenthere's a kind of rectangle cut out of it, cut down so it goesdeeper into the gallery floor and reveals lots of the kind of crumbled up polystyrenewhich is kind of stained with some kind of glue and it's kind of beenchipped off the floor beneath that, which is black and sticky, some kindof tar at the bottom of the gallery floor, because this is the actualyeah, dug digging into the gallery floor here, and turns out beneath itthere's black, sticky kind of surface. And then in the middle of thiskind of section of the floor that's been cut out, there's a kind ofmiss shape and hard to kind of describe the shape, but it's vaguely likea trapezium on the Front boot with weird irregular kind of angles going on,covered in and it's kind of black and glossy and blobby and it's covered ina mixture of bitchaminous mastic and pitch, which are both kind of tar basedsubstances on and then out the back of it there's the same kind of coveredin the same material, but it's like some kind of shelving situation and thisgoes off to about knee height, I guess. And then on top ofit there's an old, like a slightly smaller box CV than the other fourbox TV is in this room, and there's three kind of lantern like metalssteel. They could hold many things, i. kind of upside down cones, and in each of them there's been a big bunch of barley, driedbarley, shoved into each of them, but the body's upside down, likethe kind of yeah it's it's upside down and sticking up the bottom of eachof these cradles. And on the screen there's a silent films, very dark. You can mostly just see flames in the bottom left hand corner and there'sa very, very small kind of white icon in the center which is likea mini picture of barley. And then every now and then it's like akind of twenty, maybe forty minute video. Every now and then you'll see eithermyself or Kellichi illuminated by our phones or our laptops and we're we're madewith forming music. So this is a performance we did last summer outside therecording studio at nighttime with fire. Yeah, there's fire and a video as well. Yeah, a lot of fire. And then that's that's the end ofthe go. Like, there's one more kind of watery print. Ye'sknee. Yeah, you did that. Know, you did that, didI? Yea. Yeah, I did that. Oh, yeah, it'ssomeone's knee. Yeah, that's that's doing. That's not even my underwater cameramine couldbe done. Pass called to say should we go? Yeah, sothat's that's this room. Yeah, this part of the talk covers the workshow an anthis and the tractor and Harrow next to it. And we're nowgoing to we're going to walk out a door that is normally open. No, it's easy for us to do that now, right. Okay, atthe door, crunch, UNE, I. Look at that Pall, that's andark so your bottle. Yeah, that isn't long. So it's currentlynight phone and you can kind of see... You could like as youneed to get. You can kind of see one of the pieces already,because there's night. Yeah, D You well, you want to talk aboutit, talk about it. I mean. Yeah, so, like it's fromthis distance you can see a pink Rectang, but as we get closerthere is a tractor. So we're approaching a kind of big green field withgrass and there's two main things you can see. One is the AMPHIS building, which is one of the wise INS buildings, which is really kind ofamazing round building made of varying bits of wood and doors and windows, reallyexciting space and we're going there in a bit. But then connected to Amphis, I don't know how far is that? Like fifteen meters, twenty meters?I'm really bad at judging distance, is a wire that leads to atractor, and this is a tractor. It's a big blue tractor, Fordtractor I think, and it's clearly been being used for years. It's coveredin Moss and like an really beautiful thing. But in the windscreen is a flatscreen monitor facing out, so you can see it from outside the tractorand there is a video which shows it's kind of has a permanent blue border. But I mean, how would you describe that? It's kind of marbleLee shifting. It looks like a Karaoke video a little bit, but notquite, and then in like a different intervals there's different words coming up onthe screen in a pink glitter kind of gift situation. The words are lyricsto the song that me, one of the songs at me and cleache recorded, which was a combination of he who would valiant be and our captain cradlehands, both kind of the same song, say melody, but one's kind oflike a church version and ones like a kind of more, yeah,folk version, that without religious themes. What happened was Vaughan Williams, whenhe was collecting songs, folk songs, he found the melody to this kindof folk song in a hamlet in Sussex, but I forget. The name escapesto me right now, and that was he who would valiant be,which is kind of about no, it's not. It's our captain cradle hands, which is kind of a kind of navy song, really fun track,and he put, as a know, words by John Bunyan to this melodyand created he who would valiant be. So me and Keechi, yeah,interbread the two when we did our recording of it and we really fixated onthere's a lyric which is there's no belief in men, not my own brother. So girls, if you can love, love one another. So he kindof fixated on that and made a few kind of girling, some birdlife going on. That's an hour, isn't it? Now? That wasgreat. So that same thing. It's so good. Yeah. So basically, long story short is I've made a girly tractor. So it's cut thisas well as this screen with these lyrics. On the rear wheels there's long multicolorkind of like Rainbow Colored Fabric Curtains, like trailing curtains, the kind you'dput over a bedroom door, and...

...there's some of the lengths have kindof multicolored beads with like butterflies and stars and love hearts on them. Andthe wheel is like the height of a person. Yeah, the wheels,huge rear wheel is like Cup to my head. And then in the kindof cab of the tractor, which is like surrounded by windows, obviously there'son the inside of the cab I've stuck loads of stickers so like horses,love hearts, butterflies, flowers, kind of a mixture of different stickers,most of which actually got from the village shop and born because they had somereally good sticker but you can't because they are stuck on the inside of thecab. You don't really see the surface the stickers. You just see therear. So everything kind of appears like a kind of slightly holographic but whitesilhouette of whatever the stickers to picking. Yeah, and that surrounds the wholetractor. And then I thought the back of the transer is and we definitelyneed to light this because it's a major health and take anything. Anyway,we will have a light on it. It will be lit. Well,then cars just put on their cell phone lights and now we can see that. What is it's a harrow. The what's the eponymous? Is that theword ponymous? No, yeah, yeah, eponymous track. Yeah, I guess, trucker. Then an other than a herring. So it's really it'squite an amazing object. It is made out of very sort of rusted metal. There's two wheels and then attached, actually not a toner, they areattached because like this. How you it's like this big old chain of interlinkingbits and yeah, like a colossal chain mail. Yeah, yeah, butlike rusted. And then it's got these pointy bits that stick in the ground. So what it does is when you pull it with the tractor or withhorses, it it like the spiky bits go in the ground and they likesome kind of break it all up and bring up the stuff from under thesurface and trouble it before you sew things in it. So that's what thatis. And it has some red rugs tied to it. They're kind oflike red and yellowish marbled. Yeah, they are died with murder, whichis a route that was has like these long histories, many of which probablyfake, but it's fine. But it's said to have been used in Anglosacs, sometimes as like a lipstick and nail Polish, and not Polish,but like for staining lips and finger nails, but also for painting horses hooves tomake them scary, and also fed to horses to make their teeth readwhich is pretty cool. And then there's a single red rose in Nice.Well done. There's also an owl, which is really cool, but Ican't promise that that will reappear for the exhibition. Yeah, and then,Oh, we're not finished. That would be one point of finishing. Agreat points finish, but but we have more. So now walking over intothe amfor yeah, there's big like mud round building made out of lots ofbits of wood. There's some hay bills. You can sit on three hay bills. In this kind of central bit there's a projection and on the projectionof two films. One of them is called after the Ice Day lush,and this is a film that is mostly...

...comprised of to like split screens withvarious different kinds of media on them. It's shot in the Arctic Circle andit has a story of it's like relates post traumatic stress disorder to time traveland then thinks about the melting polar ice caps as like traumato's bodies. Yeah, that's like from press recessary boring, but whatever, that's what it is. I think there are other accessible inity options for this film. So won'tgo too much into it and because it's quite long. And then there's anotherfilm as well, which is called water shed, which is a film thatis the kind of first river monster film that I made. And on theright is a like sculpture that is a bit like the wall in the gallery, but it's made out of the costume that I was wearing in the Arctic. That is all do in the film. Whereas the wall and all the kindof stuff in the gallery has a lot of the same materials that werein the river monster costume, this has the white and red rugs and itliterally is the costume and then some stuff that's built out of it and attachedto a wooden staircase. Yeah, and then to the left of that projectionthere's a very large back screen monitor which is kind of perched on a benchand leaning against the wall. There's some sound coming out of headphones on thisfilm. It's IT depicts. It's a very kind of kind of grainy,flickery footage. It's got me sat down on a kind of little to theright of the camera, like sat down on a little yellow chair and I'vekind of got a table and I'm making some kind of weird and making thesekind of like sculpture. I'm smearing some kind of sticky pace over these tallkind of cardboard trunky things. I mean, what was actually doing? I wastrying to kind of there's a gapeg of the trees and Harrow Down Hillsomewhere on the banks of the Thames in Oxish or something, which is wherethe body of David carry was found, that weapons expert who people think waskilled in a period of the Hutton inquiry about the rat core. And I'mreading out loud. I'm reading lyrics to the song with a gray cock,which is kind of a folk song about Woman Who's deceased lover comes back asa ghost and comes across the Thames and spends the eye with her and thenhe disappears again. And then in the video to the left of the screenthere's a woman lying down sunbathing. Basically she's in kind of sandals and gotsunglasses on and a bikini and some kind of share sun sure thing, butit's videos happening at nighttime. Is Dark, it's there's a kind of white wallbehind me, but it's definitely a nighttime video. And then to theright of the Monitor, just on the wall, there's a kind of crumpledup bit of paper with flower paste on the edge, eliminated. And thoseare the lyrics to that song, the Gray Cock that I'm reading from,from that sculpture that I'm making. Yeah, that's the show. That's the show. Yeah, just like a few things, a few thousand things.Yeah, that's yeah, that's the show without all the sonic governments. Andwe.

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